Glass Table Tops

Repair, Rejuvenate and Protect

Don’t let a broken or scratched table top ruin your day. It may be just the break you need to rejuvenate that tired old outdoor table or protect the cherished end table that’s lasted four generations. A fresh glass surface is an investment that will not only extend the life of the piece but also increase its value

Our glaziers are experts in matching glass. You’ll never notice the difference between your old and new surface. We can supply and glaze any standard glass table whether it’s for dining, coffee or games.

If it’s a custom design you’re after, we supply and install coloured, tinted and decorative glass to transform your table top from simply functional to absolutely dazzling.

If you have valuable pieces that you want to protect from dents, scratches, spills or stains, consider a piece of safety glass. It’s not only a wise investment for beloved furniture pieces, but the perfect solution for TV cabinets, side tables, buffets and more.

How to Order Your Table top

Whether you need to repair a scratched glass top, want to replace a smashed surface or you’re considering a whole new look, call us with your furniture’s surface measurements. We can provide a quote right over the phone, as well as expert advice on concepts and designs that meet your budget.

If you accept our quote, we’ll place your order with our supplier. Upon receipt of your table top, we’ll call to schedule a day and time for installation. We guarantee your glass is delivered in perfect condition and installed quickly. Payment on delivery.

It’s the little things that make a difference. A sparkling glass surface not only adds cost-effective elegance to your decor, but is also a wise investment in ensuring your furnishings hold their value.

Call 07 5452 6816 to discuss your glass needs and receive your free onsite measure and quote.